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Apart from sales, our strategy to launch and develop the production of furniture and textiles of our own brand has proved fully justified. Through three decades of work, we have become an authentic brand of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

For us, a customer is always in the focus, what makes the key to our success. We started as a small family company. Primarily respecting customers’ preferences and needs, with a clear vision of development and the unhidden ambition to use our own capacities and potentials, we can proudly say we are one of the leading domestic retailers nowadays.

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Tourism resort - Eko FIS Vlašić

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Furniture factory Ambyenta is a brand of company FIS Ltd – renowed Bosnian trade chain and brend that is proud to present about 400 items of panel made and solid wood made furniture.

An investement of 20 mil.KM in a primary wood processing plants like sawmills, drying facilities system, seaming facilities and primary woodworking plants, we have additionally expanded the existing, modern factory facilities and created the possiblity for wood production of 1200 chairs or even 7000 different chair components.

Certificate of Quality Management ISO 9001/2000 has confirmed the adoption of high standards and widely opened the door for Ambyenta furniture in foreign markets.

A significant part of produced furniture is exported to EU, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, Germany, Netherland, but also in other countries even to distant Canada and Jordan. The development strategy of our business, based on excellent price and quality ratio, modern technlogy investments and education of employees as well, has resultetd in a well known and successful brand image in a domestic and foreign market

In the wide production range of kitchens and upholstered furniture, berdrooms, children`s rooms, living rooms, an importnant place is occupied by foor and wall coverings, kitchen accessories and raw materials as well.

We especially recommend the possibility of creating furniture elements by the customer demands with a short delivery time.

The plan is to have a continued expansion of production capacities which through the prism of employing means that this company in the next 10 years should open another 1000 workplaces in the solid wood furniture production units. If you also would like to be a part of a successful team please join us. Let`s be partners!

We support the system of human resources management respecting the personality of each single employee and providing opportunities for career development and advancement. Thanks to the standpoint, we have achieved outstanding results in business and succeeded to have satisfied and loyal employees, what makes us especially proud.

Due to many-year quality cooperation with more than 1,500 business partners from fifty countries all across the world, we are able to offer 250,000 different products at various prices affordable to many a customer.


Ambyenta furniture - Trough life togeter!

The FIS Company Ltd. was established 21 years ago in mid-2005 and launched its production of furniture. Thanks to an extremely serious approach and initial investment of 10 million Euros in the production and latest technology, production and warehousing facilities with infrastructure and equipment, training sessions, high-quality raw and processed materials and modern design, FIS has met demanding eco and other standards needed to enter foreign markets as well.

Anbinni - Clothes for a happy childhood

ANBINNI has been a brand of baby clothing produced since 2009 in Vitez. We offer baby and children's clothing, baby-bed equipment and bedding, which can be found in the FIS shops and at our distributors’. From season to season, we try to follow fashion trends with special attention to the kind and quality of the materials used in our production. The colors, printing and embroidery on all of our products are very stable and all the materials we use have a certification of quality and safety.

GS socks - The only ones!

The FIS Company launched the GS line of socks to the market in 2000. Our socks are made of natural materials carefully selected and tested in licensed laboratories. The color fastness, high quality and comfort as well as colors and patterns in line with fashion trends are the properties meeting the demanding European standards.

The production process is carried out on high-end machines of the latest generation.

Eko FIS Vlašić - Tourism resort

The sports- recreational resort of EKO – FIS Vlašić is open all the year round. Eventfully designed, it attracts nature-lovers during both the winter and the summer. In addition to the tradition of being a mountain resort, this complex offers not only ski trails and lifts but numerous accompanying recreational facilities as well. We provide absolute peace and relaxation for our guests. For true nature-lovers, the coming to EKO-FIS Vlašić is the right decision!

FIS Home - Textile production

Taking into account market demands and high-quality standard requirements, the FIS Company has launched the brand of FIS HOME.

A wide range of bed linen, quilts, pillows and catering textiles is introduced as the Red FIS HOME while the modern lines of household taps and interior-wall paints are known as the Blue FIS HOME.


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Happy workers
Shopping malls
Years of tradition


Since the first business venture back to distant 1987, starting from a video library and catering to the trade business launch in the 1990s and the successful distribution-network development, in the early 2000s, FIS has grown into one of the largest domestic retailers and become the largest domestic investor.

By building our own retail distribution network over all major centers of Bosnia-Herzegovina, with its modern shops and numerous accompanying facilities, FIS makes efforts to provide excellent customer services and a wide range of products at the best prices. The range of 250,000 articles are offered at the 20 specialized departments of furniture, home appliances & audio-video equipment, cookware, textiles, footwear, toys, food, carpets, tools, electrical & bathroom equipment, lighting, production materials etc. FIS provides products from all across the world with a particular emphasis on domestic ones.

For a shopping break, we can offer numerous catering facilities, such as restaurants, coffee bars, pastry shops, beauty and hair salons, fitness centers and many others making FIS a favorite place of family shopping.

For many years, FIS has been launching a wide range of its own products well received by customers. An excellent ratio of price and quality and meeting high demanding standards are the recognized benefits when choosing furniture of AMBYENTA, socks of GS, home textiles and children's clothing of ANBINNI signed by FIS as the producer.


At the end of the 80s of the last century, while the economy of Vitez was facing serious changes and the establishment of the first private companies, FIS opened a video library and a coffee-bar with the same name entering into the business world of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

It was the first entrepreneurial venture of Mr. Pero Gudelj, the head of a company numbering 10 employees at the time.

After only 5 years of trading business, FIS built its first two-story shop of 8,200 m2 with specialized departments and catering facilities, and became a leading and driving power of the Vitez economy. The then FIS company had about 100 employees having the capacity to offer a range of goods from around the world to the post-war domestic market in its unique way.

The new motto reading: ”All in one place at the best price!” attracted customers making FIS a favorite place of shopping in a short while.

On 17 December 2003, the first FIS shopping center was officially opened. It covered 64,000 m2 of sales and showroom area offering a unique range of 250,000 different articles, what made FIS an interesting place to customers coming from the town of Vitez and its neighborhood as well as the entire country.

The numerous accompanying facilities available for a shopping break, a garage for 200 and an outdoor parking area for 500 cars along with a rich offer at the best prices created a unique shopping atmosphere for customers.

In the year 2003, FIS Ltd. initiated an irreversible development process of the Business Center (Poslovni centar br. 96), the town of Vitez and the Mid-Bosnia Canton.

Due to opening a new shopping center in Bijeljina covering 5,000 m2 on 24 September 2004, FIS successfully continued with its plan to expand the distribution network over Bosnia-Herzegovina.

After the shopping center of Vitez, it was the sixth shop in a row:

  • Banja Luka in 1998
  • Cazin in 2000
  • Sanski Most in 2001
  • Bugojno in 2002

In the summer of 2005, the AMBYENTA Furniture Factory was put in function. Thanks to the fact, FIS employed 150 workers and launched its own production. An extremely serious approach and initial investment of 10 million Euros in the production and latest technology, production and warehousing facilities with infrastructure and equipment, training sessions, high-quality raw and processed materials and modern design created the necessary preconditions for the development of the brand of AMBYENTA. In a short while, FIS became one of the leading domestic furniture producers and introduced some 500 AMBYENTA articles.

Beside the placement through its own distribution network, the furniture of AMBYENTA has found its place in many large shops and showrooms of furniture in the country and region.

By an innovative and modern approach, we try to offer top-designed furniture, which makes each living and working space more functional and enjoyable to stay.

On 26 August 2005, a FIS shop was opened in Gracanica.

The sales area of the FIS Company was enlarged for 3000 m2 and 70 new employees joined the company. The specialized departments spreading over two floors were offering a wide range of consumer goods at affordable prices.

In 2005, FIS numbered 1,570 employees.

On 01 June 2007, a plant for the production of eco pellet-fuel was launched.

Wood pellets are a kind of high-calorific eco fuels made from compacted sawdust or other dry high-calorific wood wastes with no binding agents added.

Due to the cylindrical shape, when the high quality and high-calorific fuel is burned, only 1% of ashes is left. The pellet burning releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as what a tree needs when growing. Wood pellets are easy to transport and use, and meet the highest environmental standards in full. All the mentioned provide an improved quality of life for industry and households with no environmental pollution.

The FIS pellet-fuel production capacity was 3,2 tons per day and 13,500 tons annually being fully placed on the market.

The production cycle involved some 20 employees.

In 2007, FIS had 2,228 employees.

On 14 March 2008, a FIS shopping center opened in Brcko.

Over 17,000 m2 of modernly equipped area, at a dozen specialized departments, customers could find a wide range of consumer goods. The accompanying facilities (a playroom, pharmacy, bank, hairdresser's salon and large parking lot) made shopping complete. The FIS of Brcko created 200 new job opportunities and the FIS family grew to the number of 2,996 employees.

On 7 November 2008, the expansion of the FIS shopping center came to an end in Bijeljina.

The FIS shopping center of Bijeljina welcomed its customers with the new 6,000 m2 of a sales space and a richer offer. More modern and larger, enriched with facilities intended for a shopping break, the shopping center provided a more enjoyable atmosphere for its customers.

On 22 December 2008, a furniture showroom opened in Slavonski Brod.

The planned expansion of the distribution network across the neighboring countries and the launch of the FIS furniture primarily began with opening a showroom in Split in mid-2005 and continued with building another in Slavonski Brod.

A stylish and attractive two-story shop of 3,000 m2 presented a complete range of furniture for living under the brand of AMBYENTA.

On 30 March 2009, a FIS shop started working in Livno.

Thanks to a rich offer of consumer goods displayed over 3,000 m2 and the recruitment of 28 new employees, a FIS shop could open its door on 30 March 2009 in Livno.

On 28 August 2009, a FIS shop opened in Žepče.

In order to get closer to the domicile population in the middle course of the river Bosna as well as customers passing by, on 28 August 2009, FIS opened a shop at an attractive location alongside the M17 road in the place of Žepče. Customers were offered a rich assortment of goods at affordable prices in a two-story shop covering 3,500 m2 with accompanying catering facilities.

In 2009, FIS employed 2,666 people.

On 31 August 2012, Banja Luka saw the opening of a new FIS shopping center.

The fact the up-to-then FIS of Banja Luka had continuously been present in the town since distant 1998 trying to find out and meet the demands and desires of its customers, it logically resulted in its expansion.

From 31 August 2012 on, a more modern and better-equipped FIS has been offering many services and more than 250,000 products attractively displayed on three floors over 34,000 m2.

In addition to a children's playroom, restaurant, coffee bar, pastry shop, pharmacy, bank and ATMs, tobacco shop and money exchange, customers can use a garage for 200 and a parking lot for 100 cars, what makes shopping enjoyable.

Beside the 150 already employed, the enlarged Banja Luka FIS hired 150 employees more.

Being a socially responsible company, at the opening ceremony FIS donated 70,000 Convertible Marks (KM) to the local hospital. Mr. Pero Gudelj, the owner and Director-General to FIS, handed over the cheque to Mr. Zoran Aleksić, Director of Medical Affairs to the Surgical Department at the hospital of Banja Luka.

In 2012, FIS had 2,776 employees.

On 08 March 2013, FIS better positioned itself in Sarajevo. The previous 3000 m2 of sales area located in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Briješće was replaced with a more comfortable one twice as large as the former, now situated in the settlement of Halilovići. The people of Sarajevo were given a more accessible, modern shop offering a wider range of articles than before. The number of employees increased from 30 to 100 staff members.

On 20 September 2013, in the presence of many Bugojno people, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted marking the end of the three-month construction works and inaugurated the opening of the new FIS shop in the Bugojno settlement of Jaklić. By opening its door, FIS offered a much more attractive shop with a wider range of products comparing to the one customer had been accustomed to at the old address.

The number of employees increased from 30 to 90.

A larger and more modern FIS shop was opened in Bihac on December 26, 2014.

The new shop building was built in the place of Ceravica in the “Žrtve srebreničkog genocida” (Victims of the Srebrenica Genocide) Street.

Apart from consumer goods (furniture, food, household items, construction-related articles, textiles and footwear), the new FIS provided accompanying facilities (a restaurant, coffee-bar, pastry shop, hair and beauty salon, sports goods, perfumery and pharmacy), what significantly enriched and expanded the offer.

The implementation of this project created new job opportunities, so that 60 employees were joined by other 120 employees.

The value of the investments amounted to approximately 15,000,000.00 Convertible Marks (KM).

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