FIS Ltd. – Business Corporation

More than 3,300 employees and the number is increasing continuously!

FIS d.o.o. Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina

For us, a customer is always in the focus, what makes the key to our success. We started as a small family company. Primarily respecting customers’ preferences and needs, with a clear vision of development and the unhidden ambition to use our own capacities and potentials, we can proudly say we are one of the leading domestic retailers nowadays.

Apart from sales, our strategy to launch and develop the production of furniture and textiles of our own brand has proved fully justified. Through three decades of work, we have become an authentic brand of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Years of tradition

FIS L.t.d., headquartered in Vitez, has successfully operated 25 years, and is one of the leading Bosnian-Herzegovinian retail chains, with 15 sales outlets in BIH and over 3,300 employees.

Based on the concept of “Everything in one place”, it offers over 250,000 domestic and foreign manufacturers, according to the quality of different price ranges, offers a wide selection and shopping for everything needed for home and family, making FIS one of the most desirable places to shop.

At the beginning of 2000, FIS launched its own furniture and textiles production and marketed its brands: Ambyenta furniture and solid wood products, Anbinni children's clothing and GS socks.

With several years of investing in production, FIS has become one of the most important BH investors.

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Ambyenta furniture – Trough life togeter!

The FIS Company Ltd. was established 21 years ago in mid-2005 and launched its production of furniture. Thanks to an extremely serious approach and initial investment of 10 million Euros in the production and latest technology, production and warehousing facilities with infrastructure and equipment, training sessions, high-quality raw and processed materials and modern design, FIS has met demanding eco and other standards needed to enter foreign markets as well.

Anbinni – Clothes for a happy childhood

ANBINNI has been a brand of baby clothing produced since 2009 in Vitez. We offer baby and children's clothing, baby-bed equipment and bedding, which can be found in the FIS shops and at our distributors’. From season to season, we try to follow fashion trends with special attention to the kind and quality of the materials used in our production. The colors, printing and embroidery on all of our products are very stable and all the materials we use have a certification of quality and safety.

Good Socks

The FIS Company launched the GS line of socks to the market in 2000. Our socks are made of natural materials carefully selected and tested in licensed laboratories. The color fastness, high quality and comfort as well as colors and patterns in line with fashion trends are the properties meeting the demanding European standards.

The production process is carried out on high-end machines of the latest generation.

Eko FIS Vlašić – Tourism resort

The sports- recreational resort of EKO – FIS Vlašić is open all the year round. Eventfully designed, it attracts nature-lovers during both the winter and the summer. In addition to the tradition of being a mountain resort, this complex offers not only ski trails and lifts but numerous accompanying recreational facilities as well. We provide absolute peace and relaxation for our guests. For true nature-lovers, the coming to EKO-FIS Vlašić is the right decision!

FIS Home – Textile production

Taking into account market demands and high-quality standard requirements, the FIS Company has launched the brand of FIS HOME.

A wide range of bed linen, quilts, pillows and catering textiles is introduced as the Red FIS HOME while the modern lines of household taps and interior-wall paints are known as the Blue FIS HOME.

We support the system of human resources management respecting the personality of each single employee and providing opportunities for career development and advancement. Thanks to the standpoint, we have achieved outstanding results in business and succeeded to have satisfied and loyal employees, what makes us especially proud.

Due to many-year quality cooperation with more than 1,500 business partners from fifty countries all across the world, we are able to offer 250,000 different products at various prices affordable to many a customer.

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